Like a butterfly?

His thoughts were painting her future with lots of rainbows rising at the same time. This rainbow was bright and magnetic in color as it was being painted on the dark surface. Like the magnetic and electric attraction of two souls? The thought of making a wonderful painting was pleasurable. Even a single glance or the name of that painter would flutter her…umm just like the butterfly? She wanted to fly. To fly to each and every flower of that grassland and there was one more secret abated. Honestly, she just wanted to collect colors of each flower, the fragrance of each flower, she wanted to flutter, she wanted to fly, she wanted to tell about her rainbow to all. She believed in the painter, she trusted him about the future paint, whole of her was just in a desperate need of that painter. The painter arrives in her life, she was all ready with her black sheets, she wanted those black sheets to look wonderful once again. And the life of a butterfly and rainbow became her dream. As the painter considered those white sheets, the sheets which get easily ruined… like the sheets of the lover’s bed, like the words which are better of dead. As he told her, he shared those sheets with weeds. And so all of a sudden her life becomes black…the color of those sheets? She just dreamt of those butterfly and rainbow, forgetting her actual presence…she was a wild flower, which wanted to grow in every circumstance. And so she was not the lucky butterfly but she was just the fortunate wanderingviolet!

And so she losses the painter she loved… 


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