Like a lullaby


                     Her sharp edges were all

             I needed to make a dull life scarred with my best                                            mistakes.

She rolled of my

Tongue and

Into my bed; she was my favorite word

To say


They found each other in this crazy and messed up and fucking beautiful world because they seemed to belong together, but that wasn’t the situation as they shared different equations and the best they survived was when they were apart from each other, living their life till the fullest, experiencing till the fullest and moreover trying to getting apart. They became the fire for each other when they were together and that is how they warmed their soul to. They just need each other after a passage of time, discovering different life, exploring different lives and still wanted to stay in pleasure. They were complex people and they just wanted to weave a silent love. This was a humble story, which was might be witnessed by thousands soul, maybe more. But somehow it became her story, but not his…

She wanted it to remember:

The softness of his touch, his cheeks upon mine that fearlessness I have grown to crave more, that pleasure I get in his voice, his thoughts, his wavelength, was just making my day. Still I always wanted myself to grow apart from him. He was never sure in his life and what he assured me was never to hurt me, I became a part of his life and he became my life. He always reminded me of his girlfriends, he would talk about seven girlfriends, and I would pluck my soul seven times to his ocean, slowly I became a lonely island surrounded by ocean. Someday he would declare me the dust that is how he fantasies me! But I want to stay in his life, because I know he is a crybaby who will come after each of his breakup or who would ask to go for shopping for each of his girlfriend. The pleasure I will get at that time will be beyond my happiness. Because I know at that time too, a fire which we did light will be smoldering. Looking in the wells of his eyes will make my world again rightfully wonderful. I wanted him to be happy, and was trying to get myself a life as he wishes for me…


Why did they apart?


He: I love you

She: I love you too

He: but we can’t be together

She: why?

He: because the day I will leave, your world will fall apart.

She: I forgot to tell you…

He: what?

She: I hate you.

He: can we kiss?

She: just blow off the dust, before you kiss.


Press yourself against my lips

Like a lullaby

Seeking sweetness



like a firefly

​I wonder why?


Why this human race gets so possessive about certain people that on one side they just want to achieve them, or the better word would be ‘rule’. They want to rule the person completely, deeply and passionately!

And with these three words they term the equation as ‘love’. And then, when that person leaves, they become the encyclopedia of depression! It’s just so that simple!


You tend to fall for that person, you had the best time with your man, and when your thoughts started differ, it becomes the time to depart! It’s just so simple again! 

Few months ago you heard the tales, how sweet the guy is! And now you will be tuning how worst the guys can be…And then the feelings shifts from expressing love to expressing abuses moreover curses! .

And again the struggle to find happiness begins…By enquiring the basic question: will I ever find happiness in my life?


When you know the simplest concept: nothing stays forever, then why you want permanent things in life!?


I wonder…

I just wonder…



You want a rainbow, when you are confined in blacks…


You want happiness, when you are cursing…


You want love, when you are stubborn…


You want rough, when you are sensitive…


You want truth, when you are a lie…


You want, it’s just what you want…


You are a waterfall, who wants to become a firefly…



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I’ll take you on date

​”I m not a flower

You are going to pick

I m the tree

You can sit

And read.”
He always asks how it will be dating you? What if I chose you as a partner? Are you capable of it? 


In short do I deserve him?


Yes! Most of the time, you do face such questions, questions being asked by random people dancing in your world.


But I have some basic set of wheels…


I’ll take you on a date: in forests

I’ll make you eat: silence

I’ll talk a lot about: you

I’ll discuss about: your weaknesses

I’ll want you to: cry

I’ll want you to gift me: some space

We’ll travel and explore: some peace

We’ll dance on the rhythm: of thrills

We’ll tell tales of each other: deaths

We’ll fall asleep under the: stars


And when your journey with me will end, i will make you understand why you didn’t have to chose a flower.

Do you deserve me?

“It is never easy developing thick skin,

But it can be claustrophobic living inside it”

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