I’ll take you on date

ā€‹”I m not a flower

You are going to pick

I m the tree

You can sit

And read.”
He always asks how it will be dating you? What if I chose you as a partner? Are you capable of it? 


In short do I deserve him?


Yes! Most of the time, you do face such questions, questions being asked by random people dancing in your world.


But I have some basic set of wheels…


I’ll take you on a date: in forests

I’ll make you eat: silence

I’ll talk a lot about: you

I’ll discuss about: your weaknesses

I’ll want you to: cry

I’ll want you to gift me: some space

We’ll travel and explore: some peace

We’ll dance on the rhythm: of thrills

We’ll tell tales of each other: deaths

We’ll fall asleep under the: stars


And when your journey with me will end, i will make you understand why you didn’t have to chose a flower.

Do you deserve me?

“It is never easy developing thick skin,

But it can be claustrophobic living inside it”

#wordsofexpression #wordsoflove #wanderinglust #wanderingviolet #wanderinglove 


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