Attire or sexuality?

           ​I peered with the firm look of disgrace

My mind filled with confusion and theirs with lust

It’s strange how a few seconds can lead you in a whole new direction



I remember an incident, when I was walking down to home in my town, there were many eyes scanning my every move, it made me so uncomfortable that I had to take a rickshaw, so that I can reach home as soon as possible. The rickshaw puller was explaining me those eyes, that each of them has a daughter, a sister, and a mother at home, but they will never look at them, they are only concerned about the confident society running around them, somehow I started talking to him and he explained a lot, while handling him the amount of the ride, he did pressed my hand…

And so was the incident happened today

A local bus, with lots of passengers in it, I see men giving a lusty glance, almost drank all my confidence.  It made me alert after a while but the starting seconds’ were the deadly ones. They were three of them and on our next stop the fourth one joined them. He checked me out and my friend completely, I did look back into his eyes I can sense the burning flicker in me and so I made him also see that, but that wasn’t sufficient for him. His lusty eyes stayed glued to my friend, she became uncomfortable. Suddenly one of his companion tells him that he is wearing a torn pant and they started laughing about it, I can sense the shame in his eyes, but his lusty looks were on priority in that journey so he kinda made himself comfortable with that mockery. Next to me (on right) was sitting a 5yr old girl, and on left the other three pair of lusty eyes. They discussed a lot about a girl’s sexuality and how every curve compliments her to them. For seconds I did wonder about the facts even I wasn’t aware of them. They tried their every move by shifting, by randomly touching, by talking loudly. My friend did ask them, “is there any issue with you all?” for them it seemed to be the success; they smiled to us and then laughed aloud among themselves.  A girl next to us yawned and they passed the comment of taking their dick into her mouth. And that is how every girl in that local was made uncomfortable, either by discussing the size of her bra or by visualizing a make out with her.

None of the girl uttered a word, the 5year old didn’t even know that she was sitting on a strangers lap and her mother almost lost in her son. The rest three in that local somehow managed to keep up with their confidence and their self respect.

Those were just uncomfortable 20 minutes and that was with every woman in that local, and this is what they practice every day. It’s just not the attire or the beauty of the woman that attracts them. It’s the boobs and the vagina that attracts them.

First I thought of just mentioning the incidents and letting you all wonder and raise your opinions about it, this is something which everyone of us face or come across but in our busy schedule or our careless world, we never wondered. Our imagination got stuck in the attire of girls and bravery of boys men.

Have you ever wondered the vice a versa? The attire he wears in his eyes, and the bravery she holds in her vagina


He wondered about the wetness

Of her vagina

She thought

The wetness of her eyes…



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