love yourself

                  As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

                                                              – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of my friends told me how much she is forced to get slimmer every day. Even her parents somehow tried to convince her to skip classes and go for gymming or some other exercise. As their motive was to make her slim and according to them she was fat! well guys just to bring in your notice, her weight was just 69kgs and she looked beautiful!

I met a girl in a cosmetic store spending thousands on some foundation or concealer. Randomly I started a conversation with her. What I came to know was she was a college student and her grandmother has always been after her life about the complexion of her skin and so she spends thousands on various chemicals and products to get the ideal complexion. Well, guys! She had the whitish complexion and a graceful personality.

Both of the above girls were quite not happy with what they had, and that’s where I realized we all actually aren’t satisfied with our physique, our complexion, our voice and the list never ends. I see the men worried about their baldness, hairiness, short height or the length of their penis. This makes them think that they are not the perfect “man”. But does this really matter? Does a person have to be thin and white in complexion to achieve the highest respect in the society? Skinny people are making them sick by gorging on food to gain more and more weight; they want to buy clothes in which they look like they have a desirable weight. Slightly over weighted people are starving themselves to get the celebrity look. Do you really think that your starvation will make you happy when you will somehow fail to achieve that celebrity figure? Well! Yes, this is the bitter truth that if you will not do good to your body than you will not get good from that body. It’s like how you will treat yourself you will get for yourself. Whatever figure you have it’s just wonderful. Because the society has set up some parameters for the ideal women or men doesn’t mean that you have to accept those parameters. What you got to accept is just yourself. You need to accept the ways your body works, the ways your thoughts precipitate and the ways your emotions are flowing in that your free world! Yes, you have got so many useful things to function for and you are sitting on that couch and wondering that you are dark complexion the society will not accept you or which bra to invest in so that your boobs don’t look shabby! Your breasts need to breathe, don’t suffocate it with numbers of bra! Whatever the society thinks, just hell with it, have you accepted yourself? You need to accept yourself and love yourself.

Why are you trying so hard to fit in? when you were born to stand out?

                                                                                             –  Ian Wallace 

Have you ever wonder that why you hate your body so much? You are sitting there and reading this because of your great body, so respect it. Pamper it, like you pamper your loved ones? Start pampering your body. Sit down every week and write down those five things you love about yourself and those things can be anything. And just start admiring those five things. But before that here are some tips to help you out with these situations!

  1. Confidence: have a whole lot of confidence in yourself. This is the simplest word to use but a lot of us fail to apply this to our daily lives. You are beautiful. You don’t need any layers of makeup on your soft skin to look great. Your skin needs to breathe baby! Have confidence in yourself, you don’t need to think what people are saying because their opinions aren’t your priority. Buts your skin is.
  2. Mantras: well! For once and all just say it yourself. Promise an unconditional love to yourself. Because whatever is said to you, is said from you. And your life really needs some great mantras to function in various situations.
  3. Happiness: just stick to things which make you go happy, do things where your happiness stays and you will end up loving yourself.
  4. Gratitude: express some gratitude to yourself. Whatever you have achieved was not easy. We all set some sort of goals for ourselves like if I’ll not have alcohol for a week I’ll treat myself to a large smoothie on a weekend. Be thankful for even achieving the smallest goals of your cycles.
  5. Eat healthily: I am not asking you to starve yourself. There is a major difference between the two. Starving, makes your body suffer and don’t let your body suffer. Instead, try eating healthy daily. Quit the junk from your diet and consume as much nutrition you can.
  6. Exercise: again, don’t let yourself pushing for it. Do the amount of exercise in which you are comfortable, which you love doing it. You don’t need to forcibly crash yourself in the gym because to want to touch some ideal weight. No! You don’t have too!
  7. Take care: you need to look after yourself; it’s the most essential thing. If you want to get your things done than worship your body. Do not harm yourself with the medicines which are claiming to make your boobs enlarge or your penis will grow. Nothing much is happening!
  8. Stay light: everything has two sides the darker side and the lighter side; you need to just focus on the brighter side as whatever the amount of positive energy you have got, no one will dare to challenge that energy of yours.


So, guys, these were the 8 tips to get you emit some positive vibe in this world full of judgments and stupid ideal body image. After practicing such things whatever you are left is your ideal and desired body which belongs to you happily. And don’t forget to share your story in the comment section down below. Because we all have got that one story to share!